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Affordable plumbing and electrical supplies

A & S HARDWARE HANK & RENTAL is your go-to team for any hard-to-find plumbing and electrical products. We have a variety of options available to meet all of your needs, regardless of the disaster you have on your hands!


Stop by today for any assistance that you require. We are never too busy to help you!

Get the best products to complete your next project

  • Bulk wire

  • Outdoor outlets and extension cords

  • Quick-Connect fittings and SharkBite plumbing fittings

  • Specialty outlets for older homes

  • Extensive assortment of light bulbs, including CFL, incandescent, halogen, and LED options

  • Furnace Filters

  • Indoor and outdoor light fixtures

  • Electronics and television connections and accessories

  • Telephone batteries and cords  

  • PVC and CPVC pipe and fittings

  • Galvanized, copper, and black pipe and fittings


Wide range of PVC fittings!

Call A & S HARDWARE HANK & RENTAL at 605-345-3821 for all

your plumbing and electrical needs!

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